Artificial intelligence is spreading across every industry. With new developments making headlines every day, it can be tough to sort out the essential news from the hype. The analysts at CB Insights cut through the noise to identify 25 of the top AI trends to watch this year and beyond. Read the full report.

Mariya Yao of Topbots recalls what a GAN is and how they are used in neural network approaches for image generation with five recent findings in 5 New Generative Adversarial Network Architectures for Image Synthesis.

Mark Tomlinson, James Pulley, Leandro Melendez and Brian Wilson of the Ask PerfBytes podcast discuss multiple examples of variation and dispersion in a set of data values to explain outliers in performance testing in Ask PerfBytes - What is a Standard Deviation in Performance Testing.

Cat Ferguson of expands on the injection of malware by a Chinese group, with a legitimate business helping Chinese developers promote their apps on outside platforms, into apps downloaded from third-party app stores in Malicious Apps Infect 25 Million Android Devices with 'Agent Smith' Malware.

Maria Temming of ScienceNews describes how a card shark AI dubbed Pluribus has outplayed more than a dozen elite professionals at six-player Texas Hold’em in Artificial Intelligence Has Now Pretty Much Conquered Poker.

Christine Chou of Alizila covers how an Alibaba AI model topped human scores when tested by the Microsoft Machine Reading Comprehension dataset, one of the artificial intelligence world’s most challenging tests for reading comprehension Alibaba AI Beats Humans in Reading-Comprehension Test.

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