Agile Testing with AI

The smartest way to test your app. re-imagines test automation powered by AI from the ground up. solves the biggest problems in test automation: code-free test development, element selection , test step execution and reliability.

Simple, Fast and Powerful uses artificial intelligence to perform regression testing in minutes. Using bots, quickly learns your app, tests the app’s functionality, documents each test case with screenshot captures, UX data and performance metrics.

Simple Test Definition

No code, just write tests as you would describe them.


Run in our cloud or in your own lab.

Great Reporting

Simple JSON results format or pretty web reports with screenshots.

Speed and Coverage means you can add more test coverage and get it running before the end of our Agile cycle.


Cover every test scenario


Shorten the dev life cycle

Product Manager

Go to market faster

"In just a few minutes, we get a comprehensive report on our app performance compared to earlier releases, and even other apps in our industry. These same tests, performed manually, would have taken several days to complete."

John Ruberto, Director of Quality Engineering



"Existing performance tools can be really heavy, and you need someone with a lot of experience or expertise to provide meaningful analysis. Appdiff is an intuitive product that surfaces problems and presents easy to understand views of data that teams can use right away."

Kenneth Toley, Director of Product Quality Engineering


"Our business is our mobile apps. When the competition is only a tap away, app quality is our highest priority. Appdiff gives us insights into performance and UX issues within 30 minutes of getting a new version of an app. It’s like magic."

Steve Miller, CTO



"Every company that develops software needs to test it, yet people still test the same way they did in 1996—with people tapping buttons. Appdiff's bots automatically get smarter over time as they test more apps, so each new customer benefits from the insights gleaned from existing customers."

Andy McLoughlin

Partner at Uncork Capital


Download and test drive the framework today.


About Us

Jason Arbon and Justin Liu founded Appdiff in 2015 with a revolutionary vision: to transform software testing through the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Jason Arbon

CEO and Co-founder

Formerly the Director of Engineering and Product at, where he led product strategy to deliver crowdsourced testing via more than 250,000 community members and created the app store data analytics service. Jason previously held engineering leadership roles at Google and Microsoft, and coauthored “How Google Tests Software” and wrote “App Quality: Secrets for Agile App Teams.”

Justin Liu

CoO and Co-founder

Worked in Business Development at Aptiligent (formerly Crittercism), a leading company in mobile app performance, and has a background in Investment Banking. Justin graduated with an electrical engineering and computer science degree from UC Berkeley and obtained an M.S in computer science from UCLA where he was also a Ph.D candidate.

Our mission is to test the world’s apps

In the current environment — agile, lean and CI engineering teams are tasked with more frequent release cycles, and an ever-increasing pipeline of apps and features that need to be tested for quality before they are shipped. Once an app is released to an app store, it is immediately reviewed which will either mean the success or failure of the app. Testing is critical, yet often becomes a bottleneck within an organization.

Today, is fundamentally changing how apps are being tested. By leveraging the power of AI, enables teams to do more, augmenting testing resources to deliver higher output, with higher quality and with more consistency. Testers have confidence that their test cases are completely covered. Developers have a greater focus on app development. PMs bring products to market faster. Companies meet the demands of the market — and win.

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